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Path of Exile Shadow build by Plantator ( views). Watch videos about this build and see it in action! [] FoxTactic's - Arc of the council build "Good all arounder". by FoxTactics. Aura Support Cantrip's guide to Ethereal Knives. Rage Mage Edition! Very fun and engaging build to play. You won't get bored since the build is shattering the full screen of mobs while moving through the maps. PIRATEAT40 BITCOINS

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Then I'd give it very serious thought! Might even go for it as Acrobatics if that works and use a tree a lot like the Armor one. Again, worth a try. Spoiler No. Bad idea. If you want to max movement speed, go Pathfinder Crit EK. That will work, and save you the Poison gem which is a bit redundant with the new chest, but hey. Less DPS than Assassin, but it will move faster. You will die if you're being stupid, as usual.

Spoiler Armor has the benefit of allowing you to, maybe, possibly, not die to Reflect Maps if you're stupid enough to forget to change to Elemental for those. I think the Acro version is the far safer one, and it also has more DPS. Do I recommend spamming into a Reflect Rare without thinking? Heck no. You'll be able to survive a few seconds of that, no more, once your DPS is high enough. Armor also has zero defense against spells, which are a good chunk of the risk.

I view that as the best reason to go Acrobatics. Spell Block, while viable, will require a lot more investment, ending up with far less DPS. How would a berserker deal with single reflect and double if it appears?

Just from the huge lifepool alone? My concerns are for the start of the league problems with EK, where gem levels are low and 6L isn't all that available. And I can see that the skilltree doesn't have much attack speed nodes as EK is a spell, naturally cast speed is the way to go, I currently play a CI COC Discharge trickster and I even feel that the whirling blades speed is slow with so much attack speed.

I am a tempo based player, gotta go fast or else I'll end up falling asleep or getting bored fast. The pathfinder suggestion is alright, which nodes would you take if you were to go pathfinder? Master alchemist, Nature's adrenaline and master herbalist? As for your CI argument, how is it worse than life?

If I go assassin and go towards the witch tree, with just average gear and jewels I will be able to get 10k es easily with VP. And with better gear maybe 12k? This is another build centered around one of the strongest totem skills in the game. Ancestral Warchief: Ancestral Warchief is a skill that creates a totem which will attack enemies with melee AoE slams while the player stands close to it.

Being near it also increases the player's damage. This build utilizes a ground-and-pound strategy where you really get in the face of mobs. It's viable for Shaper and doubles as one of the strongest end-game builds once you get your hands on a Facebreaker. This build won't clear as fast as others on this page, but downing bosses won't be nearly as difficult either. Play this build if you're interested in always being close to combat areas. It's not a build where you just run around a map and spam an ability.

You really get involved and beat down enemies. If you don't use Path of Building or just don't want to import the full build, click to enlarge the screenshot below so you can see a full overview of this build's numbers: Stunning Sunder Berserker Build for Path of Exile 3. Sunder: Sunder is a melee attack creating a wave that travels forward and damages enemies in a straight line.

Enemies hit by the wave release circular shock waves that further damage nearby enemies. Requires an axe, mace or staff. Starting with a Sunder build lets you transition into many other options as far as melee characters go. A lot of the most powerful builds revolve around ranged spells and totems. Sunder is a melee AoE ability that is arguably the most powerful leveling tool in the game. This build is very easy to acquire gear for, and it does just fine in end-game scenarios.

Most Sunder builds combine usage with the Multistrike Support gem eventually to create a wave of successive attacks. This particular Sunder build revolves around mowing down mobs with AoE and the stun status effect.

This is a brute-force build where you overwhelm crowds of enemies as a melee character. Combined with Contagion, this creates one of the most devastating synergies in the game: Essence Drain often referred to as ED is a spell that fires a chaos projectile that applies a damage over time debuff when it hits the enemy. The spell also regenerates a portion of the debuff damage as life. If target dies while afflicted with both Contagion and Essence Drain, the remaining duration of both degeneration effects will be spread to nearby enemies.

Trickster builds allow you to be very nimble and dish out incredible amounts of damage over time. No external abilities are required and you can rush through maps the moment you get to that stage of the game. This build is available as both Trickster and Occultist, but the Trickster archetype of this build pumps out the most damage and is most efficient for taking down bosses quickly.

However, you sacrifice some survivability. With this build, you get in and out and let your DoT damage over time finish the job.

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[3.18]Ethereal Knives Trickster Path of Exile Build Guide

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