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What if you can't get out? Let's see what happens now! Mineworld adventures are back with a brand new chapter that will make you one step closer to death. In this horror game, you have only one objective to follow, and that is to survive.

Don't panic, but you'll run into various monsters who swore to cut your head off. The game consists of two game modes as the escape mode and the shooter mode. The escape mode is all about finding your way out of the mansion and running away from the monsters. There are 3 difficulty levels in this game mode.

In the easy mode, you can defend yourself if you can ever achieve to find the weapon. Ruby weapons including the axe boast higher combat stats than their diamond counterparts. They also deal additional damage when you or your target are on fire. This combined with their enchantment bonus makes a well enchanted ruby weapon a considerable step above diamond weapons.

The Ruby Pickaxe and Ruby Shovel possess the Superheat effect, automatically smelting certain blocks. This includes iron and gold ores, and netherrack for the pickaxe. The shovel smelts glass and clay. Additionally, this effect allows the fortune enchantment to yield additional smelted drops, making the ruby pickaxe more efficient at gathering these materials than any other pickaxe. Ruby armour possesses higher stats than diamond armour. It also possesses the Firethorns effect, lighting your aggressors on fire.

Unlike regular thorns, the Firethorns effect does not damage your equipment, but it also does not always activate. Firethorns can be stacked with the Thorns enchantment. All ruby equipment has the same durability as diamond. Topaz Equipment[] Topaz equipment is a tier of equipment above diamond. Topaz tools and weapons are crafted in the same shape as any other tiered equipment, however it requires iron ingots for a handle.

Topaz armour, like Ruby armour, requires additional items. Topaz armour requires one to two pieces of iron to craft. Additionally, the armour has a slightly lower toughness value than diamond, but provides an 8.

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