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Interactive applications assist users in planning for college, retirement, and other financial needs. Contains listings and articles. Check here for regatta results, photos, news, and information. Don a windbreaker and tiptoe through the garden. Salt and pepper?

Welch, Downey, CA, US Lists links to campgrounds all over the world, with information on park fees, camp amenities, and reservation phone numbers. Includes an 80s version of Name That Tune, plus fads and fashion and a reference timeline. Features demos and glimpses of upcoming releases. Think it's too much work to write commentary on current affairs? Both the IOC and the local organisers, however, could do without the headaches currently being encountered in South Korea.

Cho was jumping before she was pushed, having been arrested on charges of abuse of authority. This was not the environment Lee had anticipated when he was appointed as president of Pocog, after the hasty resignation of his predecessor. For Lee, who has during his nine months in charge fought tooth and nail to keep the Games away from the scandal, those accusations have proved an unwelcome distraction.

There are positives for PyeongChang, certainly when compared with where Rio was one year out from its own Olympic Games. One is hardware, meaning venues and infrastructure. The other is software, meaning operational know-how and experience. Our hardware is mostly on track. For software, the Pocog team is using every test event as an opportunity to acquire the required operational experience.

We want our staff across all functional areas to deliver the best Olympic Winter Games. After all, it is their positive feedback that will help enhance public interest in the Games. The education team has met with over , students, he adds, making 69 school visits and promoting the Games at 24 events. It is not just within South Korea that the appetite for the Olympics seems to have been diminished.

The intention of turning PyeongChang and the wider Gangwon Province into a winter sports hub for the region was a major part of the initial bid. The infrastructural renovations for the Olympics include an all-new high-speed train line to the region, capable of cutting the travel time from Seoul to PyeongChang from three and a half hours to just minutes.

These kinds of topdown initiatives are part of the long-term legacy of the Winter Olympics but, as Lee points out, the real challenge is in ensuring that the facilities created for the Games continue to be used, with the Olympics providing a platform for engaging young Koreans in winter sports. As a part of our effort to introduce winter sports to young people who do not have the opportunity to experience 56 www. To date, over 1, young people have participated in the programme, including future Paralympians.

While the IOC has made no particular editorial demands of the broadcaster, both organisations are aware that the stakes are higher than usual in PyeongChang. Both the IOC and Pocog will be hoping over the next 12 months that their oft-repeated refrain that the Olympics transcends national politics holds true, and that the turmoil infringes no further on the preparation for the Games.

By Adam Nelson T he sun glares low over the icy Norwegian sky. In the foreground, zooming into shot down the big air slope, is Japanese snowboarder Yuki Kadono. Once airborne, he twists and turns, seeming to defy gravity, landing a perfect backside triple cork Kadono is on his way to gold at the Winter X Games in Oslo but, more than that, he is on his way to social media notoriety. Among winter and extreme sports enthusiasts, the video of his winning jump is shared, and shared, and shared.

The Winter X Games celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, having kicked off in Big Bear Lake, California two years after its summer counterpart. While the X Games in both its summer and winter formats has been a success on its own terms — no unsuccessful sporting event could run for over two decades — it has arguably struggled to achieve true crossover success, remaining the preserve of its dedicated core fanbase.

In recent years, the advent of social media and of ubiquitous cameras has helped to bring a whole new audience to an event whose prize asset is its outstanding visuals. Hafjell has a winter sports pedigree of its own — it held the slalom and giant slalom alpine skiing events when nearby Lillehammer hosted the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Youth Olympics — and there is an ever-receptive audience for action events in a country like Norway.

We asked in surveys before the event how many people actually went skiing or snowboarding on a regular basis and it was, like, 20 per cent of the population. So there was a huge welcoming for it, there has been a lot of snowboarding events in Norway but not an action sports event on that level so I think it was highly anticipated, and we have already had equal anticipation for Hafjell.

Also, there are more participation opportunities for people coming who want to snowboard or ski. We reached million people who actively logged in and interacted with the X Games Norway content. Even if maybe 80 per cent of the investment of sponsors is in television because it has to have this infrastructure, the 20 per cent The X Games has a partnership with action camera manufacturer GoPro, which helps capture the spectacular and highly shareable imagery that you invest in social media is what is creating the hype.

And, as the inclusion of skateboarding on the Olympic programme for Tokyo has shown, the extreme sports audience is one the International Olympic Committee IOC is intent on capturing. A greater mainstream presence for the X Games may be on the horizon. For rights holders — and traditional broadcasters — the new format is giving rise to new ways of telling stories and interacting with fans.

By Eoin Connolly S ince social networks became social media — forums for sharing news and content rather than directories for connecting with friends — there have been questions about when they might begin to compete in the broadcast space. Those questions have only grown louder since the biggest among them began developing outlets for real-time video. Facebook Live became available to companies in and in April of last year, it was opened up to all-comers.

Sport has followed. With near-live digital video clips already common, full live streaming is only a step behind. Live video streaming has been a reality online for close to a decade, and elite sport has been a part of it for much of that time. But there are key technical differences between that exercise and the current vogue for live social video. Practical advances, certainly, are one factor. Improved download speeds in several markets have not only allowed more users to stream video but also to do so without compromising on quality.

Seven years on from the debut of YouTube T20 there is also a better understanding of the strengths and potential of social platforms, and rights holders and brands can be better informed of what will and will not work. However, with evolving technologies like video and virtual reality, we see digital playing a key role in engaging fans.

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