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The most simple Formula 1 betting type is to bet on who you believe will win the race. Betting on the winner allows you to pick which driver you think will win. For one, betting on Formula 1 via an app is highly convenient. You can place your bets anywhere and anytime with a good internet connection. Isn. Race Winner Bets The most popular Formula 1 wager is the race winner bet. With this wager, you only need to select the driver that you think will win the race. COMMANDO DE MINECRAFT 1-3 2-4 BETTING SYSTEM

These F1 betting odds could be worth your consideration. Fastest Lap Odds Fastest Lap odds are available for both qualifying and the race itself. Also, look at how quickly each driver has completed laps on a particular course in previous seasons. One way of compensating for this is to take advantage of the Top Three Finish market. F1 Betting Strategies And Tips As we touched upon earlier, successful betting on Formula 1 can be extremely difficult to achieve.

Winning bets regularly is a hard task indeed. There are, though, some F1 betting tips and strategies you can employ to give yourself a better chance of success. Conducting thorough research is essential. Is it possible to win a bet on a whim without research? Does research make winning a bet a certainty?

However, what research does do is help you find value when you bet on F1 and, in turn, keeping you one step ahead of the bookies. Use F1 Stats The case with many sports, but particularly with Formula 1, is that the smallest details matter.

Having a deep understanding of a particular race and the drivers taking part helps hugely. We recommend you look at previous F1 stats in advance of betting on a Formula 1 race. Which drivers are in good form? Who has the best record on a particular track? How well does a driver perform in wet or dry conditions? You can find F1 stats at several bookmakers.

Alternatively, there are reliable and trustworthy sources on the web that can provide a range of statistics. Use this information to help you choose the right F1 betting odds. Read Race Previews Another good idea is to check out race previews. You might already have well-researched ideas of how a particular race might play out.

Similarly, read F1 betting tips. Be aware, you can find good F1 betting tips for free. The best F1 tips will provide an explanation and analysis of the tip provided. It is, though, worth reading how other punters bet and the aspects they look for when they bet on F1. Check The Weather The weather can play a huge part in dictating how a race will finish. Research constructors and the wet or dry tires they put on their vehicles. Has a particular driver achieved a good record when racing in wet conditions?

This is also important when you bet on F1 in-play markets. If it is expected to rain during the race itself, would a particular driver need to make a further pit stop? Keep a close eye on proceedings, as well as the local weather forecast. Grid Position This might sound like an easy enough aspect to consider — a driver starting the top of the grid is more likely to perform well in the race. A driver starting from the back of the grid could find it difficult to achieve points finish.

Formula 1 widely regarded as the pinnacle of motorsport, where the limits of manufacturing combine with the best road drivers on the planet to create a spectacle that reaches speeds of mph. Noisy, low cars are driven by charismatic drivers on some of the most exclusive and extravagant circuits in the world. There are a set number of teams in F1 — usually around 10 — with two cars allocated to each team. So a race, known as a Grand Prix, should see around 20 cars on the track at the start.

There are around 21 Grands Prix each season, although this varies over the years. The F1 season runs through the European summer, from March to November, and takes in circuits all over the planet. Each Formula 1 race must be just over In Formula 1 betting you get new and meaningful information all the time. Each race is different for a number of reasons. Different race tracks place their own unique requirements on the cars. For example, the Monaco Grand Prix and Shanghai Grand Prix place a high demand on the gearbox, as drivers change gears thousands of times during these iconic street races that twist and bend through the city.

On other tracks — such as the custom-made circuits of Bahrain or Monza — the car's speed and power are the crucial factors, while on others aerodynamics and drivability are essential. The race car is simply everything within F1 and Formula 1 betting. Bet types in F1 betting When it comes to F1 betting, there are primarily three different bet types that stand out as the most common and most popular ones when betting on upcoming races and competitions.

These are outright betting, long-term betting and live betting in-play during the races. Outright betting on F1 races In outright betting you are placing a bet on the winner of a specific Grand Prix. You are offered varied odds for the different participating Formula 1 drivers, where you choose one of whom you think will win the specific race. You will then see your potential payout. If your driver wins the race, you win the bet. F1 betting on a finishing position is another popular type of outright bet that we offer our players.

A bet on a finishing position is usually limited to a podium place in the top three. When you bet on Formula 1 and the finishing position, you simply choose the driver in the race that you think will end up in position But with a safer bet comes shorter odds, so that potential payout will be less.

Long-term F1 betting Another form of betting that we want to mention when it comes to F1 betting is to back the eventual champion or the winning team. These are season-long markets where you place a bet on the most successful driver or team. The odds can change dramatically through the season. But if a rival team improve as the season continues, those odds will fluctuate. Some punters try to time the perfect point in a season in which to make a bet on the title.

Live betting in Formula 1 Are you the kind of player who prefers live betting and to place a bet In-Play in the heat of the moment?

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