not betting the nuts on the river

flop and the absolute nuts on the turn. On the river, you could not win or even chop. To answer correctly: Describe your hand, the flop. The River is a risky time to bet as there can be a lot of implications that must be considered, any opponent who has made a hand will be trying to get value. There is a round of betting after each "street" or time when new card(s) are presented. It is most commonly played as No Limit, meaning you are free to wager. AUTOGRAPHS WORTH INVESTING IN

He looks down at a double-suited hand that contains an ace. Pretty standard call in this situation which is exactly what our Hero does. The flop rewards our Hero by pairing his ace and giving him a nut flush draw. Our Hero wastes little time and bets out for two-thirds pot and our Villain obliges with a call. Well — surprise, surprise — the Villain goes over the top with a raise. He is shocked to see his advisor say…. How likely is that? Our Hero is having none of it and shoves.

The Villain whimpers and quickly folds and the Hero rakes in a nice pot. He was clearly quite successful in his decisions at every point in the hand. The focus is on how the advisor got to a fold suggestion when the Villain raises on the river.

To be profitable, that means the Hero would need to be right on a call more than We need to look at what other hands the Villain could either be 1 betting for value or 2 bluffing with. This will give us the information as to how many hands, other than the nuts, would motivate this raise.

What Value Hands is He Betting with? In terms of value hands: are there any at all? Is the Villain raising with the king-high flush? It is widely accepted that just winning the pot should be enough for a person making a correct call. At showdown there is no penalty in just flipping your cards up out of turn. However, most people like to see what cards people acting before them have before deciding to show or not. If you are beat, you can simply muck and not give away any information to your opponents.

Sometimes a player will be all-in and there will be two or more other players who still have chips behind. In this case, the betting round continues until showdown is achieved. Once showdown is reached it is generally good form for the non-allin person to show his or her cards last, regardless of their position.

In general, showdown is the same no matter what format you are playing. The only exception is that in cash games a person may show one or both cards at any point during the hand without penalty. In tournaments, if a player exposes their cards, whether intentionally or not, the hand is usually considered dead.

However, there are a few instances you may want to go ahead and show the hand. You want to project a particular image to the table To encourage the rest of the table to showdown and not muck there hand, that way you possibly gain some information Misreading your hand is a definite possibility, if you always showdown every hand there is no chance of ever mucking a winner Related Questions What is considered a muck in poker?

Players often much their hand to avoid giving away information to their opponents. Who goes first on after the flo? The order of play on the flop, turn, and river is the same. The small blind always acts first and the dealer button always acts last. How does all-in work in poker? All-in means that a player has no more chips behind to cover any future bets made. An all-in player cannot win or lose any more than is contained their starting stack.

Final Thoughts Showdown at poker is one of the situations that few players truly understand the actual rules. The cool thing is that once you know exactly how it works you can use the information to your advantage. My advice is to never show your hand until it is your turn to do so, unless of course if you hold the nuts or near nuts. Never slow-roll your opponents.

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