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Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. Top Books on Investing by Indian Authors · 1. Stocks to Riches by Parag Parikh · 2. Guide to Indian stock market by Jitendra Gala · 3. How to avoid. FOREX 1 MINUTE PRICE ACTION PATTERNS

It explains how your knowledge alone can assist you to beat the pros of investing. Moreover, this book provides timeless recommendations on the money business. One of the best-selling investment books of all time, this book teaches that buying and holding a stock is more important than selling it.

It also explains the long-term growth of a stock is more important than its short-term profits. Readers will encounter all big names like Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parikh and how they found loopholes in trading systems and fooled banks and Stock Exchange regulators and created multi-million scams. Through various practical examples from his career, he presents the mental models that he developed to better understand social events.

It revolves around a concept called reflexivity. Pic credit: Wiley. He also discusses in detail which therapies can help. Definitely a resource of the possibilities that you must have in your mind. The book encompasses much more than her workplace experience.

Plus, there is a detailed discussion on what needs to change. It is based in Delhi Shahjahanabad in The delicious conceit of Mirza Ghalib as a detective investigating a murder of a poet, with a background of plotting against the British, kept me enthralled. Although the incidents aren't historical, the background is — as is the shayari used in the beginning of chapters.

A very different kind of work. One of the most touching parts of this book is an incident about an elephant herd that her husband had looked after. The herd had moved to another reserve hundreds of miles away. But when her husband died, somehow the elephants came to know of it and walked for days to come back and pay tribute. Plus there's the real struggle against well-equipped poachers.

We want to hold onto that but somehow disown the actual legacy. The author clearly spent years researching, and the depth of writing shows that. The rich oral history goes back almost years, from before the Battle for Independence is very impressive, especially when most of us wouldn't even know the names of our great grandparents.

After the top 10, here are some others that almost made it: The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson — a journalist's quest to understand psychopathy and how it has been handled and treated. The Opposite of Faith by Amy Tan — a compilation of the non-fiction writings of this fiction writer, including some autobiographical writings. Sach Kahun To by Neena Gupta — a round-up of an unconventional life. Given her background, I have a feeling it may have been a better, more heartfelt book had it been written in Hindi.

A Rude Life by Vir Sanghvi — worth a read for the anecdotes of the powerful and famous. I did not read that much fiction in but I did race through all 7 Harry Potter books — a reminder of how a good storyteller can keep you spellbound. I do need to update myself on the fiction front. What have your choices been? Do share. Happy reading! Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of www. Read More News on.

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Top 10 Best Investment Books 1.

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Toronto vs tampa Where on the contrary, some best stock market books by Indian authors can prove it wrong. Find answers to all these and more in the book. This guide also provides external resources and other information for readers who want to dive deeper into any of the topics that the longtime Bogleheads cover. Stocks to Riches. One of the reasons may be attributed to the author, Benjamin Graham, mentor to Warren Buffett. A comprehensive account of the stock market over the last 25 years, it tells you what to watch out for while investing. All investors need to have the patience to become a successful one.
Joey zhou ethereum Parikh has written the book that all Indian investors have long been looking for, touching upon behaviour while investing, and ideas of how traders should behave in certain situations. The first few chapters may not have relevance for the Indian scenario, but keep at it and you will find real value in later chapters. How did these companies do it? First Global has since become a leading quantitative global asset management firm managing both PMS schemes in India as well as global funds, with the No. Seeking these explanations then affects our financial decisions and can form certain habits.
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Thomas bettinger landstuhl medical center Marks challenges readers to resist following the crowd and instead invest with a more critical, contrarian approach. Then this books has the solution in it. How many mental health diagnoses like bipolar and depression are essentially labels for symptoms read more than the underlying causes. But when her husband died, somehow the elephants came to know of it and walked for days to come back and pay tribute. Given her background, I have a feeling it may have been a better, more heartfelt book had it been written in Hindi. If the financial success of the bestseller businessman is anything to go by, this book only benefits investors. She tweets devinamehra and the website is firstglobalsec.


Saurabh Mukherjea, the bestselling author of Gurus of Chaos, delivers an outstanding book with lessons to learn from these eight businesses. Buy Here 7. Bulls, bears and other beasts The wise, wily Lalchand Gupta takes you on an exciting journey through Dalal Street in this brief history of the Indian stock market post-liberalization. From tech booms and tax evasion to banks and money laundering; scams and crashes to fixers and investors, Lala has seen it all. A comprehensive account of the stock market over the last 25 years, it tells you what to watch out for while investing.

It also looks at policies that the government needs to revise if the country is to harness domestic capital more effectively. Buy Here 8. Trade like a stock market wizard In Trade like a Stock Market Wizard, Mark Minervini unveils his trademarked stock market method SEPA, which provides outsized returns in virtually every market by combining careful risk management, self-analysis, and perseverance.

He explains in detail how to select precise entry points and preserve capital? For consistent triple-digit returns. Buy Here 9. All investors need to have the patience to become a successful one. Buy Here The intelligent investor It is a widely acclaimed book by Benjamin Graham on value investing. Written by one of the greatest investment advisers of the twentieth century, the book aims at preventing potential investors from substantial errors and also teaches them strategies to achieve long-term investment goals.

Which is best stock market book if I want to learn Intraday? He has detailed very cut-to-cut information in the book which has eased the understanding level of the reader. Buy Now: The Warren Buffett Way Stocks to Riches: Insights on Investor Behaviour It is the explosion of truths about the stock market and the myths and the misconceptions which generally rollovers in the mind of people. The plus point of this best investment book for the beginner is that it is written in a very simple language that is easily understood by the readers.

This book has been written by Parag Parikh. It is suitable for those readers who are just the beginners of the stock market. The beginners have much tendency to make mistakes while understanding things and doing investments. This best books for investing in the stock market will tell them their common mistakes which they commonly make during the initial stage. It will tell them how to rectify the errors and how to pick the right stock choice for you as per your requirements.

This book is written in such a manner that even a layman or a 5th grade can understand. The author has written the tips and the steps of investing which he has gained by his personal experience in the stock market.

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