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Grèce · Super League. 5' | 2P ; Pologne · Ekstraklasa. 10' | ; Pologne · I Liga. 10' | 1P ; ATP / WTA · TOURNOI DE BÂLE. Set 3, Game 10 ; ATP / WTA · ATP Vienne. Set 2. France's players celebrate after scoring a try during the Six Nations international women's rugby union match. France started brightly with an. Track the Six Nations Championship odds for all competing countries; The tournament is scheduled to run from Feb. 4 to Mar. GLOBAL BETTING EXCHANGE NYRA

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At the end of the tournament, the team with the most points wins. If this is level, point difference is the first tiebreaker, then tries scored - if still level, the six nations is shared. Betting on the 6 Nations — Outright Betting Outright — Many months before the tournament begins betting will be available on the outright winner.

In the history of the event, so far only France, Wales, England and Ireland have won, and in most years these four teams have headed the betting. Outright betting will be available throughout the tournament until the final weekend. Grand Slam — To win the Grand Slam a team has to win all of its five games. The odds for this will be longer than on the outright betting, although just over half of the time the outright winner has indeed won the Grand Slam.

Triple Crown — This is only open to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and is awarded to any team that wins all three games against the others listed. This is a throwback to when there were just these teams in the tournament France joined in , Italy not until The odds will obviously be lower here than for the grand slam as only three wins are required as opposed to five. Betting on the 6 Nations — Match Betting Match Odds — This is simply predicting whether the match will be won by either side or if it will finish in a draw.

Handicap Betting — One team, usually the favorite, will give up a certain number of points in a match to the other team — you are betting whether either the favorite will overcome this, or if the other team will either win, or lose by less than the handicap. As an example, France play Italy in Paris, the market will look like this: France Winning Margin — Here, odds will be offered about teams to win by certain amounts, for example, either team to win by more or less than A lot of it will come down to how Jonathan Sexton will perform on the field, but Ireland could easily go all the way if he can find his form.

Ireland tends to put their best international performances one year out from the World Cup, seeing how they won the Six Nations in and Admittedly, they look weaker than France and England on paper, but this team has tremendous depth. The latter have teams made up of players who, for the most part, have less than 10 international games on their record.

Meanwhile, Scotland is filled with veterans, and the experience could be the difference-maker. Scotland has enough talent to impress, and with Ireland as our primary pick, it only makes sense to take advantage of the generous odds on this market. Now visit the best legal betting sites and place your wagers with the best rugby union bookmakers!

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Scotland has enough talent to impress, and with Ireland as our primary pick, it only makes sense to take advantage of the generous odds on this market. Now visit the best legal betting sites and place your wagers with the best rugby union bookmakers!

Tim Betting Guru Tim is our betting guru. He has plenty of experience in betting online and is quite successful at it. Tim believes the latter to be the future of betting. Sep 8, By Tim Want the latest news? Get exclusive betting news and the latest odds from top-rated sportsbooks, straight to your inbox and social feeds.

The starter is Wales v Italy from Cardiff. When the French line up against England, they will already know the Ireland result, so will know what is required from them. Even if Ireland loses and hands France the Six Nations, the French will still want to beat England and complete the grand slam.

For the supposed best side in the world, anything less would be a failure. There are three main betting markets to bet on Rugby matches. The first is the match-winner on the Moneyline. This can be a two-way market, or a three-way if the draw is included. The most popular bet is the handicap market. This is where the bookmaker gives one side a points advantage, and you have to decide whether you think the team you are betting on will beat the spread. The third popular match betting market is total points.

In this market, the bookmaker gives you a combined match points total, and you decide if you think the combined points scored in the match will be higher or lower. You can check out all of these and more in our sports betting guide. You can check out our best-rated online sportsbooks page for the best new customer betting bonuses.

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