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Bloomberg commodity strategist Mike McGlone expects the price of bitcoin could still hit $, by once the bear market subsides and crypto prices. Solana (SOL) – Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in · Gala (GALA) – Leading P2E Platform crypto could explode this year · ApeCoin (APE) –. Most Active Cryptocurrency - Volume ; Tether. ₹ % ; Bitcoin. ₹ 16,00, % ; Ethereum. ₹ 1,11, % ; Binance USD. ₹ % ; USD Coin. MEANING BULLISH BEARISH FOREX

Those that like the sound of Luckyblock can invest in the project by purchasing its digital token - which is currently in its pre-launch phase. Once the pre-launch concludes in early , the Luckyblock token will be launched on Pancakeswap , with several centralized cryptocurrency exchanges also in the pipeline.

Although gains of this nature are likely not possible, there is still plenty of upside potential left with this token. On top of the constant hype that this crypto asset receives from the broader market, Shiba Inu is listed on all major exchanges. Not only does this include the likes of Binance, Huobi, Crypto.

Terra - Has a Habit of Outperforming Bear Markets When thinking about the best new cryptocurrencies to buy in - it is important to consider a number of projects that offer a safeguard against bearish markets. After all, when Bitcoin is down, this typically brings the border markets down with it. With that said, a number of digital assets have a habit of outperforming bearish markets - one of which is Terra and its underlying LUNA token.

To illustrate this point - while as of writing Bitcoin has moved just 0. For those unaware of this project, the main concept is that the Terra protocol is tasked with stabilizing Terra stablecoins - which are pegged to fiat currencies like the US dollar and Japanese yen. Those that utilize the Terra platform can earn rewards via staking and vote in the future of the protocol via governance.

In fact, and as noted above - while Bitcoin has remained virtually stagnant over the prior week, Yearn. Over the course of , returns have been even more favorable for early backers of this decentralized project. For instance, those that invested in Yearn. It is important to note that although Yearn. Nevertheless, for those unaware of what Yearn. In other words, the platform connects borrowers and investors to create a truly decentralized finance system.

In its most basic form, PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that was launched in late The exchange allows users to buy and sell digital tokens without going through a third party. We also like that PancakeSwap has since entered additional markets - such as cryptocurrency staking and farming. This does, however, offer an excellent entry-level for those considering buying this digital currency. We mentioned earlier that as per Coinmarketcap, there are almost 16, digital tokens now in circulation.

And as such, this means that the digital currency landscape has since become super overcrowded. Many crypto enthusiasts are expecting AAVE to pump in the near future, and it is definitely promising enough to do so. The application allows users to create any programs that can be used in gaming reality and monetized.

The project has virtual land plots called simply LAND, where users build objects and live in this virtual world. To serve the platform, the MANA cryptocurrency was developed. Ripple XRPUSD Rates by TradingView Ripple has been steadily holding on to its place in the top 10 by market cap for years now — this cryptocurrency remains popular among both institutional and retail investors, and its community is as strong as ever. Despite being an older cryptocurrency that does not often get hyped by people like Elon Musk, XRP still has a lot of ups and downs, and more than enough potential to go to the moon.

Ripple is hailed as the new alternative to SWIFT — and if it does indeed manage to become a global decentralized payment system, we can only imagine how high the XRP price will rise. Check out our Ripple price prediction here. In , the Cardano network with its ADA coin was launched.

Cardano is one of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms. The World Economic Forum considers it one of the most scalable blockchains. However, the most crucial is that ADA maintains the level of trading rates it reached during the first bull run of ADA has already shown impressive price growth, having burst into the TOP in terms of capitalization.

Behind the project, there are three large organizations engaged in scientific research in cryptography, engineering, and blockchain technology. These factors make the coin attractive for short-term and long-term investments. Given the long-term partnerships with large companies and financial institutions aimed at a wide audience, the project could become more and more popular. The hybrid protocol can significantly reduce the verification time for both transactions and smart contracts execution.

It also generated a lot of institutional interest. For several months in a row, it has set new records that significantly exceed the results of the first bull run in It is one of the top digital assets in the world by market cap, and is one of the most promising crypto projects.

Nowadays, Curve has become almost synonymous with decentralized finance DeFi. Although CRV has been on the decline lately, it has responded well to market booms in the past, and may benefit from any future bull run. Lately, there has been a lot of hype for all things decentralized finance, so decentralized platforms like Curve stand to gain a lot from any bull run.

As their goal is to simplify access to the world of DeFi investment, it definitely has a lot of potential — the industry is still relatively young, and is likely to attract new investors in the future. YFI, the in-house token of the Yearn.

Its price is already picking up bit by bit. The interest in this cryptocurrency is definitely rising, and when it comes to crypto, an increase in interest often leads to a price rally. The platform also offers staking, lotteries, and more. The PancakeSwap project shows a lot of promise, and has a chance to moon in However, there are some signs you can look out for.

Crypto prices are very dependent on hype and demand, so it helps to be up to date to the latest trends in the industry. Generally speaking, it is better to invest in a project that has a fundamental value and whose prospects are more or less clear. It should offer a solution to an urgent problem for a particular crypto ecosystem or even provide some new technology or mechanism.

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