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She started monitoring the progress and doing some follow up research on what kinds of new seeds she could order that might be resistant to the blue disease. They were able to produce more food per harvest than with traditional crops, which also due to GM cultivation and weather changes were no longer able to grow anyway. After she had a look at the overnight data, Zainab went into a meeting with a few of the farm inspectors who were just out on the field for the morning maintenance round.

One of the inspectors, an older gentleman with a sun-etched face, had a rather solemn expression. His name was Jacob and for the majority of his life he had worked as a small farmer. Now he had sold his land to the cooperative, for which he also works. He was one of the few of the older generation who was skilled enough and determined to find work in this new digital age of agriculture.

This was however, more due to his expert knowledge of plant diseases than his aptitude for technology. Despite the majority of the plants being monitored by sensors and tended by machines, the cooperative still used experts like Jacob to be the first line of defense against new or unknown crop ailments.

Once the last of the inspectors entered the room and 54 After pushing the analysis button, the data analysis of climate and risk scenarios ran on her display, ending with an output of three seed varieties of different price ranges. She settled for the cheaper version and sent the digital payment order over the global currency system.

She was very pleased with this system. Satisfied with the outcome, Zainab went out into the sunny haze to take a late lunch break. She was exhausted, and went to the cafeteria to order her favorite dish: the corn salad with vegetarian beef and a strawberry fruit salad, fresh from their farm. She really liked the cultured vegetarian beef. It was no longer such a luxury to eat meat in Gambia, because as it could now be grown, it costs a lot less. The white beans were not yet available as GM varieties in Gambia and the natural varieties had died out from the climate change years ago.

She secretly hoped to acquire some seeds in the cooperative during the next few years so that they could grow the beans again. Trend Scenario Scenario Ideation After her lunch break, Zainab went back into the control room to check on the progress of the extermination team and the instruments. To her delight, everything seemed to be going smoothly and it was reported over the screen that the crop disease had not spread to the neighboring crops.

This was a relief. Even though the GM crops were quite resistant, they still had trouble keeping up with nature. Scientists were usually able to quickly modify seeds to be resistant to new diseases, but these diseases had to be identified first.

Looking at the clock, it was 5pm. Zainab, pleased with her day at work, saw no reason to stay late again and decided to pack up and go back to her family home. She was looking forward to enjoying a fruit and cultured steak dinner cooked by her dear brother, Ajuma, who was also coming home early from his job in the city. Despite the mishap, it was a good day in Banjul. Bob is happy that the week is almost over. In the beginning, he was happy that his brother got him a job at the Vertical Farming Corporation, even though he was just 17 years old when he started.

Working and studying at the same time turned out to be more intense than he had imagined. Bob is a freshman studying Food Economics and participating in online courses almost every day. The university he is enrolled in is also located in Manghan, but it would take him over two hours to reach it by bus. This is why he decided to enroll in the online program. Bob is a young, enthusiastic and ambitious boy who has always looked up to his older brother Balabi. Through increased government subsidies and funding options, Balabi was able to set up his own social business, which he handed over to his co-founder a year ago and now works for a GAIA Agency in Europe.

GAIA stands for Global Association of International Alliances, the new World Government that evolved from the UN due to the global food crisis that irreversibly damaged the majority of farmable land in Since then, more and more people began to work in international organizations in order to foster collaboration. Every morning when Bob arrives at work, just a few blocks from home, he talks to the guard Tayo.

Bob receives his suit and politely listens to Tayo complaining about the latest tax increase on meat. After putting his personal belongings in his locker and stepping into the smelly suit he hated, Bob starts his shift. Your shift is over! They know everything nowadays! Fortunately, his friend sent him a voucher for one of the new E-Bikes that are now available in every street in Manghan City.

He grabs a bike, unlocks it and rides to Meat Alley, a black market place for meat and other costly goods like dairy products. During the course of the crisis, food prices skyrocketed as a result of new restrictive regulations and taxes. Fortunately, Bob always receives discounts on most products since his dad still knows many of the dealers, as he used to work with them in the small farms in the old days.

It is almost PM! Well, beef, I assume?! Bob happily confirms and after a hesitant look over his shoulder, he swipes his iPhone 16S over the sensor and receives his receipt that is almost one third of his monthly income.

When Bob comes home, his mum gives him a kiss and thanks him for picking up the meat. His mum always makes him feel like everything was ok, and he often wonders how his brother could cope with being so far away from his family. After lunch, Bob grabs his laptop and steps outside into the yard to study a bit.

A few years earlier, his family had been able to plant seeds in the garden and grow some decent food, but the use of genetically modified seeds from the west, irreversibly drained their soil, as in other parts of the country. On Monday, Bob is going to write his food exam, which examines the knowledge of freshmen about healthy and sustainable nutrition. As the afternoon passes by, Bob becomes tired of studying. Fortunately, his dad asks Bob to follow him into the house and say hello to his brother.

Balabi has not been able to speak to his family for a long time. His workload has risen due to protests against the decrease of nutrition quotas in Europe. Bob still remembers the day, when GAIA declared total collaboration amongst all countries of the world. Balabi makes an exhausted impression. The US and Europe are going nuts! Of course, since every person in the world is assigned a precise amount of food per day, they feel unfairly treated from their point of view.

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music disk mod 1-3 2-4 betting system


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