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College Football Sports Betting Strategy! (4 Steps To Win More This Season)


However, not all rules are this straightforward and easy to understand One of these more complicated penalties in football is "clipping. Clipping is a serious penalty because there's a high level of danger associated with it. In other words, when a player commits a clipping penalty, they are putting another player at high risk for injury. This is one reason why this rule has been in effect for more than years in football. But, what exactly is clipping?

Let's take an in-depth look at this rule. This is a very vulnerable position for the opponent, as they can easily suffer a major injury in this scenario. Clipping penalties are also called in instances where a player, in the act of blocking, ends up rolling onto the legs of the defender. Again, this is a VERY dangerous situation for the defender, which is why it's deemed a penalty. Know that clipping penalties can happen when a blocker initiates a block while the defender is facing away from them.

The first contact cannot be to the other player's back in any way. Contact can be initiated from the side, as long as both players run in the same direction. This would not be a clipping penalty. Contact can be made at waist level or below, but it has to be continuous contact, and it has to be initiated head-on, not from behind.

Why Clipping is a Penalty The clipping penalty was first instituted way back in in college football to prevent major injuries that were happening at the time. Despite being in place for more than years now, major injuries still occur due to instances of players violating this rule. When a player suffers an injury from a clipping penalty, it's rarely a minor one. This is why it's very important to teach all players from a very young age what a clipping penalty is, and how to avoid committing one.

Not only does it help your team avoid costly penalties, it can save players on the other team from suffering extremely serious injuries. Betting on them would mean the Crimson Tide must win by at least seven points for you to win the bet and cover the spread. Prop Bets Prop bets are wagers on smaller in-game happenings instead of picking the outcome of a college football game.

There are many different types of prop bets available for sports bettors, including betting the amount of points a team scores in the first half, how many touchdowns a quarterback throws for, or the margin of the final score.

Within minutes, you can have a new account created, funded, and ready for you to place wagers. Be sure use to one of our promo codes to sign up for access to welcome bonuses on college football. Simply click the link that corresponds with the sportsbook or sportsbooks you are interested in placing college football bets with, and create an account with as many different online betting sites as you'd like. Legal online sportsbooks are regulated by the states where they are licensed, ensuring each sportsbook is safe and that sports bettors are protected.

Can I get a bonus when I sign up to bet on college football games online? Every sportsbook has a welcome bonus for you to claim when you sign up to bet on college football. By utilizing our promo code links, you can ensure that you get the best bonus available for each betting app and website. You can create an account on any and all of sportsbooks today and take advantage of the welcome bonus for each.

How long do college football betting sites take to pay winners? As legal online sports betting has become more popular in the United States, the time it takes to pay out winners continues to decrease. Wagers are graded very quickly following an event, with winnings added to your sportsbook wallet almost immediately.

By having access to multiple sportsbooks, you can take advantage of the great promotions each college football betting website offers, plus you can compare the betting odds from sportsbook to sportsbook. Is real money online college football betting available in my state?

While all of those states allow you to bet college football, some of the states have restrictions on betting on in-state teams as well as player props.

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College Football Week 8 Betting *LINE MOVEMENT* Update

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