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A Trixie Bet is a bet made up of 3 selections, and 4 bets. So you pick 3 football teams, and in a Trixie you would have 4 separate bets. One 3-fold bet, and. A 'Trixie' bet consists of four bets from three selections, and includes three doubles and one treble. To gain a return from this bet type, the bettor much. A Trixie bet consists of four bets that must be made up of three selections in different events. These bets include 3 doubles and 1 treble. In order to see some. FOREX TRADING GUIDE IN URDU PDF NOVELS

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The amount of money bet on a Trixie is divided equally between the four bets. Likewise, the money we would win depends on the number of hits we get. How a Trixie Bet works Let's see how a Trixie bet works through an example. We have that the victory of Real Madrid in a match is paid at 1. Barcelona's victory in another game has 2. In this case, a Trixie system would have these bets: Real Madrid 1.

Utd 2. Advantages and disadvantages of Trixie betting Keep in mind that the stake used in this type of bet is usually much lower than in simple bets. This is because the winning chances are lower than for a single selection.

As with any combination bet, the more selections you include, the more difficult it is for the bet to win. Advantages of the Trixie bets The biggest advantage of the Trixie system is that we exponentially increase the winnings of our bet, but not the amount we bet. Another great advantage is that we can afford to miss one of the forecasts and still profit.

That will depend on the odds of our selections. In this sense, odds close to or above 2. How much you scoop is dependent on the amount of selections you win and the odds of each bet. Remember, a Trixie bet does not include singles in your selection. Therefore, your winnings will be calculated on three winning Double Bets and one Treble. Trixie betting is popular amongst horse racing punters Trixie betting explained: How does a Trixie bet work? The two basic rules of Trixie betting are: You cannot bet on multiple outcomes on the same event You cannot bet on events across multiple sports.

Your total stake is always four times the amount you decide to enter because of the three Doubles and single Treble you place on. Your stake will reflect all four picks in a Trixie, so you need to allow for four times the value of your unit stake. It is crucial then to consider the potential margins of profit in relation to your total stake. You can do this easily with using our Trixie calculator. Betting tips: Potential results prediction In essence, you pick three events and cover a number of multiple bets.

If none of your events went through — you lose your entire stake. If one of your events went through — you still lose your entire stake.

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