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4, Mustang Flying Tips, Chris Tieman, Vol 17 No 6, Flying Tips 12, Tom Wood's Plans-Built Midget Mustang, Vol 17 No 5, Completed Aircraft. vehicles; and investment in refueling infrastructure can be risky without any guarantee of a part of an overall desire to drive CNG vehicle deployment. This research compares the financial ratios of investment banks across nations and continents. Ratios chosen were those in the Altman's Z model. WHO HAS GOTTEN RICH OFF BITCOIN

If style instead of speed is your pleasure, you can opt for the V6, rated for 18 mpg in city driving and 26 on the highway. At Edmunds. Mini Cooper-What could be cuter than a Mini convertible? And what better lineage than British origins and German engineering? Mini's BMW parent has produced the unusual combination of a fast and fuel-efficient car with great handling.

The Mini is rated for 28 mpg city, 37 highway. Jeep Wrangler-If navigating over rocks and through mud is your idea of fun, why not do it with the top down? Reviewers say the the Wrangler, the classic Jeep, may not be the best choice for a long daily commute on the highway, but that it's an unbeatable off-roader. This empirical project aimed to identify solutions for the cannibalistic actions of retailers towards the wholesalers in Gaborone. The research is theoretical in nature using a quantitative and qualitative research paradigm.

The sample frame constitutes 7 wholesalers and 42 retailers in Gaborone. Data collection was facilitated by means of a questionnaire for the management staff of the selected wholesalers and retailers. The questionnaire was issued and completed at the different retail and wholesale outlets. The aim of the data collection was to determine the challenges wholesalers are facing due to the business activities of the retailers. The formal retail trade in Gaborone has historically been small in comparison to the wholesale trade.

Retailing has generally been done by independent smaller retailers. This has been a result of suppliers not distributing to the smaller retailers due to economies of scale.

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Belt discussed the recent Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act MAP , noting that relief is not needed by all plan sponsors and offering his thoughts on potential alternative options for relief. This would lessen the likelihood of greater losses down the road," noted Mr.

Belt during his presentation. In addition, SEI clients participated in a real-time survey, highlighting some of the opinions of pension plan sponsors on current topics: 46 percent of attendees said that their organizations' biggest concern relative to the pension plan was "volatility of funded status. The company began offering these services in and today acts as a fiduciary manager to retirement, nonprofit and healthcare clients in seven different countries.

Through a flexible model designed to help our clients achieve financial goals, we provide asset allocation advice and modeling, investment management, risk monitoring and stress testing, active liability-focused investing and integrated goals-based reporting. For more information, visit www. My paper " The economic value of fundamental and technical information in emerging currency markets " is published in the Journal of International Money and Finance , Volume 28, Issue 4, pp.

I presented a research paper on bond investing at a seminar at the University of Zaragoza on 16 June I presented my research on inflation hedging at a European Pension Academy seminar in Tilburg on 12 February My paper " Performance evaluation of Polish mutual fund managers " is published in the International Journal of Emerging Markets. I presented " Can exchange traded funds be used to exploit sector momentum? I presented my research at the Scarcity and Rational Investments conference in Zurich Switzerland on 18 March My paper " Can mutual funds time investment styles?

My paper " Het effect van overnames op de aandelenrendementen van biedende ondernemingen " is published in the Maandblad voor Accountancy and Bedrijfseconomie. My paper "Return based style analysis with time-varying exposures" is published in the European Journal of Finance I received a Netspar research grant for my research on the impact of accounting standards on pension agreements I discussed a paper on the Netspar Pension Day in Maastricht on 23 November My paper "Zijn pensioenregelingen gewijzigd als gevolg van de introductie van IFRS?

FEW in , , and Financiering en belegging. Previously taught introductory courses in econometrics at Tilburg University and lectures for the Dutch chartered financial analysts "VBA". Note that I live in Oslo now; thesis supervision will be mostly through e-mail and Skype.

Click here for a list of previous thesis titles. I recommend everybody to combine the writing of their Bachelor or Master thesis with an internship in which you are allowed to spend the majority of your time on the research for your thesis. This gives you work experience, personal development, and better chances of finishing the thesis in a short time.

If you do not have access to my publications see my ORCID profile , please drop me a line and I might be able to help you. My reviewing and publication profile can be seen on Publons. Global factor premiums. A llocating to green bonds. Does excluding sin stocks cost performance?

Anomalies in the China A-share market. The structure and degree of dependence in government bond markets. Who owns tobacco stocks? China A-shares: Strategic allocation to market and factor premiums. Does sustainable investing deprive unsustainable firms of fresh capital? Historical r eturns of the m arket p ortfolio. Do t obacco s hare o wners f inance the t obacco b usiness? Diversiteit van pensioenfondsbesturen: Is het glas half vol of half leeg?

M edia attention and the volatility effect. Is exclusion effective? Pension and insurance solvency regulations and low-risk investing: A comparative analysis of the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. Treasury bond return data starting in Monthly data extended until and internationally here. Individual pension risk preference elicitation and collective asset allocation with heterogeneity.

Simulating historical inflation-linked bond returns. Data here. Fundamental indexation for developed, emerging, and frontier government bond markets. Board Diversity and Self-regulation in Dutch pension funds. Is the equity market representative of the real economy? Empirical evidence on the currency carry trade, Accounting for market risk in microfinance investments. Can exchange traded funds be used to exploit country and industry momentum?

Emerging markets inflation-linked bonds. Mythbusting Defined Contribution. Diversity of Dutch pension fund boards. An Anatomy of Calendar Effects. Performance evaluation of Balanced Pension Plans. Have pension schemes changed after the introduction of IFRS? Uitbesteding van vermogensbeheer [in Dutch: Outsourcing investment management]. Gevolgen van mogelijke veranderingen in de rekenrente [in Dutch: Consequences of possible changes in the discount rate].

High-conviction equity portfolio optimization. Can theoretical risk premiums be captured by investing in passive funds? De toekomst met beschikbare premie [in Dutch: The future with defined contribution]. Hoe waarderen we ons pensioen? Pension Fund Asset Allocation under Uncertainty. CET Videocast of media conference with journalists starts at a. CET Call starts at 2 p. CET Start transmission at 2 p. CET Start videocast 9. CET Start videocast 9 a.

CET Start videocast at 1. This may interest you. Shareholder Area. Load next results. Balance sheet media conference for financial statements Press release and media presentation available for download from approx.

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The PPF's Liability-Driven Investment (LDI) strategy

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