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Polydectes found himself attracted to Danae but she would not marry him. Polydectes wanted to force her to marry him but Perseus intervened. Because of this, Polydectes began devising a plan to make Perseus disappear and then make Danae his wife. Everyone in the land was told to bring a gift for the happy couple. But Perseus did not have any money and did not bring a present. Polydectes pretended to be upset and began an argument with the young man.

To make him happy, Perseus said he would bring any gift that Polydectes wanted. The king asked for the head of Medusa. He was beginning to lose hope when two people, a man and a woman, suddenly appeared in front of him. They were Athena and Hermes and told Perseus that they were siblings of his. They offered to help. Hermes gave Perseus his winged sandals for speed and the sickle that had been used by Cronus to castrate his father.

Athena gave the young man her shield for protection. The siblings also helped Perseus by telling him where he could find Medusa. Perseus set out again with a new source of inspiration. She was sleeping. Perseus put on the Cap of Darkness and was able to sneak up on the monster. He used the sickle to decapitate her and then carried her head on the shield. He placed it in a bag to prevent her eyes from casting their spell on anyone. Perseus began to head back to Seriphos.

On his journey, he conquered several other monsters and obstacles. On one of his adventures, he rescued a young woman named Andromeda, who became his wife. He stopped in the town of Larisa with his new wife. He threw a discus there while playing games with the locals. It hit an old man and killed him. The prophecy did come true, even after all the effort made by Acrisius to prevent it. Perseus and his wife arrived at Seriphos, where they met the fisherman who had saved Danae and her son so many years ago.

The fisherman told them the truth about Polydectes, saying that he had never married and that it was all a trick. This infuriated Perseus, who stormed to the palace and sought his revenge. The king was immediately turned to stone. Perseus and his wife stayed and lived a happy life for many years. Hercules would become their most important descendant. After that, God started smiting Egyptians with the ten plagues to make the pharaoh eventually free the people of Abraham.

Eventually, Moses faces the Egyptian pharaoh, and the pharaoh lets Israelites go; Moses starts leading them out of Egypt. Thus, the pharaoh and his army were eliminated. Steps 11, Ultimate Boon; Master of Two Worlds Although the desert into which Israelites were led was an inhospitable place, God supplied them with water and manna in order to satisfy their need for food and water. Later, God asks if the Israelites agree to be his people, and when they agree, he produces the Ten Commandments for them, as well as the Covenant code, which they must follow.

Nevertheless, while Moses was conversing with God on the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights, Aaron of the Israelites made a golden calf for the people to worship; this cause the wrath of God, who made threats to destroy the whole people; however, Moses pleaded for the people and persuaded God not to murder everyone. Upon his return from the mountain, Moses smashed the stone tablets with commandments in anger, and ordered the Levites to wipe out only the unfaithful.

After that, Moses was commanded by God to create new tablets; Moses wrote down the Ten Commandments and delivered them to the people.

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