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Explainer - What are cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies - also known as digital currencies or virtual currencies - are a form of digital money. Blockchain, bitcoin, crypto assets, virtual currencies a whole new vocabulary describing innovative technology to swiftly transfer value around the world. Cryptocurrency users send funds between digital wallet addresses. These transactions are then recorded into “blocks,” and confirmed across the. MAC ETHEREUM MINER

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The fluctuations are based on speculation only. If there are positive news about Bitcoin and its adoption, more people invest in it and drive prices up, whereas if there is any bad news, people who have already invested sell it to lower their risk. Read here for more. Also, since they are not created by or traded through any authorised central registry or agency, the loss of the e-wallet could result in the permanent loss of the virtual currencies held in them.

Advertisement No regulation of payments: Payments by virtual currencies, take place on a peer-to-peer basis without an authorised central agency that regulates such payments. Volatility in value: There is no underlying or backing of any asset for virtual currencies. As such, their value seems to be a matter of speculation.

Huge volatility in the value of virtual currencies has been noticed in the recent past, exposing its users to potential losses on account of such volatility. Trading of virtual currencies: Virtual currencies are being traded on exchange platforms set up in various jurisdictions whose legal status is also unclear. Hence, the traders of virtual currencies on such platforms are exposed to legal as well as financial risks.

Just last week, we had reported that Gaurav Burman, managing partner of Elephant Capital, had invested in his personal capacity an undisclosed amount in itBit Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based Bitcoin exchange. It would seem logical that something like Facebook Credits could work. But the reality is that adoption of Credits only reached as far as the people who played games on Facebook.

This likely resulted in a fight with Zynga, which has to become less dependent on Facebook over the long-run and is now struggling to survive. This after they really first released it in February Its existence is to boost the amount of spending within Amazon itself. Sure, that can amount to a huge array of items, from books to on-demand movies to groceries.

Linden Dollars Perhaps one of the most underrated yet successful virtual currencies, Linden Dollars are a unit of exchange within the virtual world Second Life. An element of legitimacy has been preset for Linden Dollars. This can be attributed to the fact that there is a very real economy of virtual goods sold within Second Life. Linden Lab used to even evaluate the macro perspective of its economy on its blog, but has not reported on it since Could that be attributed to the fact that it is derived from a corporate entity?

That might be the case. The reality is that only people who would be engaged in exchanging fiat money into Linden Dollars would be Second Life users. Both options have been presented to the public From the Microsoft Points website, it almost sounds as if this system was initially implemented as a way for people without a credit card to pay for things in the Xbox ecosystem.

And using a point-based system as a replacement for credit cards does seem like a good idea in light of that fact. The demographics of people using video game systems skew heavily towards the younger set that cannot get a credit card. This might be because they have no credit, or might not even be old enough to obtain a card. Yet the company is overly concerned about the consumer portion of their business - but the sunsetting of Points gives credence to their understanding that they do not want to overly confuse their relatively large customer base.

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Could digital currencies put banks out of business? virtual currencies like bitcoins

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